Moose Set For Inaugural TERMINUS Event

Another world champ on the show

Another world champion has been added to the inaugural TERMINUS show. 

Jonathan Gresham and Baron Black recently launched a new venture - TERMINUS - following the announcement that Ring Of Honor would be going on hiatus for Q1 2022. 

With an emphasis on 'modern age grappling', the new promotion's first show will take place on January 16 at the Kroc Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Already set for the event is All Elite Wrestling's Daniel Garcia and Ring Of Honor World Champion Bandido. 

Now, another world champion has been added to the card and Jonathan Gresham announced on Sunday that IMPACT World Champion Moose will be in action on January 16.

Beyond the first event, TERMINUS' future remains unclear but Baron Black and Jonathan Gresham recently revealed to Fightful they had been talking about running their own event for years. 

"This is basically an idea that me and Jon had for years. We came up training together in Atlanta and we always had this idea, we used to tell each other after training or after shows and on the road, 'We're going to run a show. We're going to do it and it's going to be awesome.' We were saying that for years. If you see the line of collaboration years in the making, it is absolutely real. We've been talking about this for a long time and the stars finally aligned for it and now we're finally doing it," Black said.

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