The Young Bucks Reveal They're Saving Blood And Guts For Full Return Of Fans

They have the cage for whenever...

Wednesday, March 25 was to have been the date of Blood and Guts, AEW's take on War Games. The match would have pitted members of The Elite, along with Matt Hardy, against Chris Jericho's Inner Circle, and been held in Newark, NJ. Unfortunately, the pandemic put those plans on hold.

Speaking with 411 Wrestling, Matt and Nick Jackson revealed that the match is being saved for when there's a full return of crowds, whenever that will be.

"We spent a lot of money building that structure," Nick says. "But the good thing about it is that at least we now have it. So, we can pull the trigger on that at any time. 

"I feel like we are saving that for fans. I think that is the biggest reason we haven’t done it. But that is the biggest thing that changed, not having that match. Nick said.

"I was just going to say too, at first we didn’t know what this was and nobody did, and we thought, let’s just put things on pause for a couple of weeks and then we will get back to where we were," Matt said. "And then there comes a point where this thing is not going away, so there is no sense in saving anything and now it is time to put the pedal to the metal and do what you had planned. 

"At first, we thought we could stall it out a little bit and then a month or two months into it we all were in a room and we said, nope let’s just give them Dynamite!"

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