Tony Khan Addresses CM Punk's AEW Collision Promo & In-Ring Return

Tony Khan comments on CM Punk's AEW Collision promo

Tony Khan thinks CM Punk just "spoke his mind" in the opening segment of AEW Collision on June 17.

All Elite Wrestling's new Saturday night show debuted last weekend at the United Center in Chicago, Illinois and Collision opened with the return of CM Punk. The Second City Saint proceeded to cut a promo in which he said that Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav calls him "one bill Phil" because he is the one true genuine article in a business filled with "counterfeit bucks." Punk also said he was going to apologise to fans because "the only people softer than you are the wrestlers you like." The two-time AEW World Champion also revealed he was going to carry around the world title belt he never lost until someone defeated him, while repeatedly shouting "tell me when I'm telling lies." 

Following the fiery promo, Punk teamed with FTR in the main event to defeat Samoa Joe and Bullet Club Gold's Jay White and Juice Robinson in a widely-praised 27-minute match. 

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Tony Khan addressed Punk's return promo and main event match. 

"I thought that it was a great show. CM Punk spoke his mind in the opening segment, and it set up for a very compelling main event. We saw CM Punk prove in the ring that he's still got it. He went out there with FTR and they went nearly 30 minutes with Samoa Joe, Juice Robinson, and Jay White, three of the best. I believe the fans were so happy to see CM Punk back in wrestling, so happy to hear that he still has that sharp wit, and I believe the match itself delivered. It was a great main event. The fans are so happy to have CM Punk back in pro wrestling and in AEW," Khan said.

The reaction to the promo within AEW was reportedly mixed. Talents on both sides of the locker room divide reportedly saw Punk's comments as him just "getting out what he needed to get out". Others, meanwhile, thought Punk's "soft" comments were hypocritical as he has previously complained about his programme with Hangman Page. The Young Bucks were said to have taken the "counterfeit bucks" line light-heartedly.

Other reports have noted that Punk's promo and ESPN interview ahead of his AEW return have only widened divisions within the AEW locker room

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