Tony Khan Comments On AEW Potentially Running Wrigley Field

Chicago loves AEW, and a show at Wrigley Field would be huge news for 'the Second City'

Wrestling companies have always had their product go over a little extra in certain cities. WWE's biggest shows have historically taken place in New York, WCW had Atlanta, ECW had Philadelphia, and whilst AEW’s home is Jacksonville, some of their biggest shows have come live from Chicago.

Indeed, they have all but sold out the United Center for the forthcoming AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door PPV, and if AEW want to expand their presence in ‘the Second City’ then they would surely be eyeing up bigger premises for future shows, like the historic Wrigley Field.

"It would be interesting to do something at Wrigley Field," Tony Khan told Abe Kanan. "I've been to a good amount of events at Wrigley Field that have been rained out. That's harder when you have hundreds of thousands of people that pay money for a pay-per-view and sit in a rain delay, it doesn't make as much sense. One of the reasons I scouted out Arthur Ashe was because they have a roof. Daily's Place, we did outdoor shows for over a year with a roof. Wrigley Field would probably be my number one dream venue, I just wish there was a way to put a roof over it.”

With a capacity in the 40,000 seater mark Wrigley could be an achievable goal for AEW in the near future, but it’d have to be under perfect conditions, with Khan seemingly dismissing the idea of putting a ‘tent' over the ring:

"It would suck for the fans,” Khan continued. “I've been to concerts, I've been to over 100 baseball games at Wrigley Field and have been involved in a lot of rain delays. In general, we've never had an AEW weather delay and it's not something we're looking to start either. We saw a pay-per-view with a weather delay a couple of years ago and it wasn't necessarily ideal. Now, Samoa Joe looks a lot better as a wrestler than in a poncho."

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