Tony Khan Comments On AEW's Working Relationships With NJPW & IMPACT Wrestling

The Forbidden Door was recently blown off it's hinges

The landscape of professional wrestling outside of WWE has changed dramatically over the past few months. The Forbidden Door between New Japan Pro-Wrestling and AEW was recently blown off its hinges following KENTA's debut on Dynamite. AEW also formed a partnership with IMPACT back in December and the likes of The Good Brothers, Kenny Omega and Private Party have appeared on both shows. Old flames NJPW and IMPACT have even rekindled a relationship and FinJuice debuted in the IMPACT Zone last night. 

Tony Khan was a recent guest on the Wrestle Fetish Podcast and he talked about a myriad of topics, including Konnan's criticism of his booking. The AEW President also discussed the young promotion's partnerships with NJPW and IMPACT, saying: "Hopefully you can create synergy where together the two companies are stronger than they were as two individuals, and I think that's happening with the relationships we're building. We're starting to see things that are helping both sides and creating a buzz that's bigger than just one company.

"Also, to be honest, the biggest thing in relationships for me is I treat people really well and I'm very honest with people. And I try to, I don't bat 1.000, but in general, I try to treat people well and that's why people like to come work here. Whether it's AEW or Fulham or the Jaguars generally people I've worked with have had I think a good experience for the most part. And I try to be honest with people about what I'm looking for and I do think that sets us apart from some other wrestling companies. 

"But in dealing with other wrestling companies, I try to treat them the same way and whether it's Scott [D'Amore] or Don [Callis] or whether it's the folks from New Japan, I try to treat them with a lot of respect off-camera, and on-camera I don't necessarily always treat everyone with as much respect when I'm on their show."

Khan continued: "But the other thing is, you have to protect your own company and everyone goes into it very protective of their own company, but I think sometimes we're all too protective and there's a balance, just like everything in life. I always say everything's a fine line and this is one of those things, and you have to walk it very carefully where you're protecting your own company but you're also doing things that are very interesting. 

"And now we're setting up relationships with other people and it's really a good thing for us I think. And it's something we've talked about for a long time and really something we've done from the beginning, we've worked with AAA." 

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