Tony Khan: Jade Cargill Is A Star

Jade Cargill has become one of AEW’s top homegrown stars

The inaugural AEW TBS Champion, undefeated after 29 matches, and having tagged with Shaquille O’Neal in her debut, AEW set out from day one to make Jade Cargill a star, and Tony Khan believes they’ve already achieved it.

Cargill has become immensely popular in AEW, with her presentation and character being some of the strongest in the company, and during an appearance on Barstool Rasslin’, Khan talked up Cargill’s rise:

"Absolutely. Jade is a star and I absolutely think she's far ahead of where anybody expected. I think it's all down to her. We've tried to put good support and coaching around her and a lot of great people work with her on a regular basis. We have great coaching here. You know, when you have people on the full-time staff, Sonjay [Dutt], Serena [Deeb], QT [Marshall], Dustin Rhodes, a lot of really good coaching, but also, Bryan Danielson has put in a lot of time and coaching as well. He's one of the best minds in professional wrestling and he sees the potential in Jade, too, and I asked him to work with her, and he was eager and excited to do it.

"So I think the sky's the limit for Jade. Her presentation is tremendous. Her instincts are awesome and she's got all the physical tools. Jade doesn't just pop a hardcore wrestling fan, Jade pops a casual audience, too. The average person who isn't really watching wrestling but might be open to it will walk up to her and say like, 'Oh my God, you're the champion of wrestling?' Like, 'You look amazing. Oh my god, you're a pro wrestler?' I've walked around with some of the biggest names in pro wrestling and the person that the average fan walks over to because they don't they've never seen wrestling before. They're like, 'Oh my God,' to Jade. She looks like a star like you said. I totally agree with what you said, Brandon. I think she's got so much potential, and right now, I think she's way far ahead of what anybody would have expected for somebody so young in their wrestling career. She's a great athlete, a college athlete, a bodybuilder, a mom, and a great person. She's been awesome.”

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