Tony Khan Planning To Hold AEW UK Show By Summer 2023

UK fans have waited patiently for an AEW show to hit their shores

In a little over three years, AEW have grown considerably, both domestically and internationally. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they are yet to promote a show outside of the United States.

Rumours have swirled that AEW are set to debut in Canada soon, whilst UK fans have been praying for a show on British soil for ages, and during a conversation with Robbie Fox on My Mom’s Basement, Tony Khan revealed his intentions to run shows in both countries:

"Yes, I plan to go to both of those places, and hopefully both of them in the next year," Khan said. "The UK may be a little bit further off. But next summer, I don't think it's that crazy. I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility and that gives us a lot of time to plan it and make it really special. So I have some ideas for events and things we can do in the UK, that would still not cut into our business revenue in America and create new inventory and new revenue in the UK. So I'm excited for that. So I, think next summer would be a really exciting time for that, but not kicking it down the road another year and another year after that, I hope we can really lock in some plans now the travel has finally become more stable and reliable.”

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