Tony Khan Reveals Why He Tweets So Much

Tony Khan has commented on his social media use…

Tony Khan and X/Twitter. A combination that has made wrestling fans laugh, seethe, and in some cases be downright embarrassed.

The outspoken All Elite Wrestling President is known for using social media to do everything from hyping up his product to taking shots at competitors, with many telling Khan to slow down and focus on his own product. During an interview with Adrian Hernandez, Khan addressed his social media use, saying the following:

"I think we've been able to promote the show and build engagement. Also, the company has a great presence and we have a great connection with the fans. So it's a good question, but I think we've been able to build real engagement at times. I think there's tangible proof of that in our huge TV ratings and the fact that you know, I believe three out of the last four weeks, Wednesday Night Dynamite has beat the NBA on ESPN straight up. We've had great, great success connecting with our fans, so I think what we've got going works really well,” explained Khan.

Khan grabbed headlines this year for his rant against WWE’s booking of Jinder Mahal, whilst his posts about Rossy Ogawa’s firing from STARDOM also drew ire from some sections of the pro-wrestling fandom.


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