Tony Khan: There's A Lot Of Stuff That Isn't True On Wrestling Twitter

Khan grew up active on wrestling message boards

Having grown up in the message board era of the wrestling internet community, and now running AEW during the social media era, Tony Khan knows a bit about how fans operate online.

With Twitter in particular having its notable drawbacks, Khan has revealed he dislikes how something is assumed to be true just because it's mentioned on social media.

Speaking to Robbie Fox on My Mom's Basement, when asked what he dislikes about wrestling Twitter, Khan said: "The biggest thing is, somebody says something on wrestling Twitter that's a lie or make a rumour up and then everybody takes it as fact as this one person made it up as truth. People run with it and there are a lot of things that have gotten traction.

"If you, you're like, 'that's not true,' but one person said it and you can almost track it back. There's a lot of stuff that isn't true.

"The flip side of it is, the wrestling side is, you have these people who tell these obvious things like I heard the other day Bruce [Prichard] was saying he had never heard of Kenny Omega in 2019. Then literally, they played a clip from 2018 and Bruce is talking very intricately about Kenny. So it's like, give me a break, man."

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