Tony Khan Wants To Use Jake Roberts, Arn Anderson More On AEW TV

Tony Khan wants to feature wrestling legends more on AEW TV

Despite what you may think about AEW, you’d be hard pressed to fault the company’s use of wrestling legends, with the likes of Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and Jake Roberts having had meaningful runs in the company.

Whilst Blanchard has since left the promotion, Anderson and Roberts are still part of AEW, but have been barely featured in 2022 for various reasons. Heading forward, AEW President Tony Khan wants to change this, saying the following during the ROH Final Battle pre-event media call:

“Yeah, I would like to utilise them. I think more content, more hours, and Ring of Honor now potentially can be a part of that expansion in addition to the three hours of Dynamite and Rampage we do each week. With weekly Ring of Honor potentially coming out of Final Battle, it’s something if like you talk more about. Right now, with the three hours of TV we have, plus Dark and Elevation, and our pay-per-view events, our countdown shows, that’s the bulk of our content. There’s such a great roster here, there are so many great people to present, and now coming out of Final Battle, I’ll address what we’re gonna do with Ring of Honor,” Khan explained, “but also great names like Jake Roberts and Arn Anderson, they are great mentors for some of the young talent here, but at any given time, when the situation is right, either of them could slot back on TV at any given time.

“So that’s what’s great about having a little bit of rotation and being able to bring people in. It’s something I talked about from the beginning of AEW, but then when I’ve done it in practice, at times people have gotten a little restless. But it is something we always said we were gonna do is slot people in and out to keep people fresh at times and not necessarily have every single person do a run on TV all year, every week.”

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