Tony Schiavone Details Adam Cole AEW Confrontation

The two finally crossed paths on Dynamite

One of the highlights of AEW: Dynamite over the past year has been announcer Tony Schiavone’s blossoming friendship with AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker. But now that Baker’s real-life fiancee Adam Cole is All Elite, things might be about to change. 

Schiavone and Cole finally went face-to-face on Cole’s Dynamite debut, with the Super-Kliq member verbally dressing Schiavone down and forcing him to leave the ring.

Now Schiavone has addressed how he and Cole set the angle up, saying on the AEW: Unrestricted podcast:

“Adam got with me and said, ‘We need to address this on camera.’ I said, ‘Yea, we do.’ We talked through what we were going to say. He said, ‘I’m going to call you a nerd. Fans are going to pop because they know that I am really a nerd.’ He went out, and he told me to get out, but he didn’t say nerd. So I’m standing there, and he said ‘Get out.’ I said, ‘Nerd [in a low voice].’ He then said, ‘Get out nerd’, so I reminded him to say nerd. We go to the back, and Tony [Khan] said, ‘You didn’t get out quick enough. If he’s threatening you, you need to get out quicker.’ I said, ‘There was a line that he was not hitting, so I was waiting for him to hit the line, nerd, so I had to tell him that.’ I don’t know if it came across for me saying nerd first to him, but that’s how it went. In reality, he is one of the nicest, young men that I have met.”


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