Tony Schiavone Doesn't 'Give A Sh*t' About CM Punk's AEW Comments

Tony Schiavone doesn’t care about CM Punk’s AEW comments

CM Punk sure knows what he’s doing when he has a live microphone, with the controversial former AEW World Champion giving a damning indictment of his former employer All Elite Wrestling and President Tony Khan during a recent conversation with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour.

Punk went into depth about the All In 2023 backstage incident with Jack Perry, noting how Tony Schiavone was loosely involved during the original discussion about ‘real glass’ in the weeks leading up to the Wembley PPV event having originally informed Punk of Perry’s thoughts during an AEW Collision taping. Schiavone was asked about Punk’s comments during the What Happened When podcast with Conrad Thompson, with Schiavone saying the following:

"I really don't give a s*** about it," Schiavone said, noting he had not listened to Punk on MMA Hour. "I'm not going to get into this. I know what he said and let him talk if he wants.

"I don't give a s***, that's all I can say. I can't get into that. It would be stupid for me to get into that. I have no idea what he said with the exception of someone told me 'Oh, he brought up your name, and here's what he said.' And I went, 'So, what?'"

Conrad emphasised that Punk had not been critical or disparaging about Schiavone, with Schiavone replying: "No, I know, that's why I'm saying, so what? If he was critical of me, people who say 'Oh, Schiavone on his podcast is going to defend himself..' I have nothing to defend."

Punk stated during his conversation with Helwani that AEW President Tony Khan was a ‘nice guy but not a boss’, with Schiavone paying tribute to Khan’s character saying:

"This is to everybody out there who likes to rip on Tony Khan," Schiavone said. "He is genuinely one of the nicest people I've ever been around in my life. He really is. And you may say, 'Oh, you're sucking up to the boss.' If that's what you think, go f*** yourself because I'm not."

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