Trevor Murdoch Comments On Tyrus Being Added To NWA Hard Times Main Event

Tyrus will join Trevor Murdoch and Matt Cardona in the NWA Hard Times 3 main event

No sooner had the National Wrestling Alliance announced that NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Trevor Murdoch was set to defend the 10lbs of gold against Matt Cardona at Hard Times 3, than NWA TV Champion Tyrus cashed in his ‘Lucky Seven’ option to insert himself into the bout and make it a three-way.

With the odds weighed against him, you’d assume Murdoch would be concerned, but during an appearance on the This is the NWA Weekly podcast, Murdoch expressed his eagerness for the bout:

“Gentlemen, I’m actually excited because in a Triple Threat match, it’s a thinking man’s game. Because you’re constantly worrying about two guys, whereas originally I had to worry about Matt Cardona. Now I’ve gotta worry about Tyrus, but they’ve also gotta worry about each other. I’ve realised, I think I found a chink in Tyrus’ armour. When I beat him at [NWA] 74, I had to outsmart him. I hit him with three bulldogs. I’ve never hit anybody with that many bulldogs, let alone wanted to, because that takes as much out of me as it does them sometimes when I do that manoeuvre. But I beat him. With Cardona, there’s a certain amount of revenge that I have for Cardona that I’m gonna get, and hopefully I will get my one-on-one opportunity at some point in that match," Murdoch said.

Murdoch continued, addressing both men’s rightful claims to a title shot: “Both of them each have a right, I guess, an argument to get a world championship opportunity. But at the end of the day, when I’m standing tall, no one can say s***. You can’t say anything because not only did I beat Tyrus - not once but twice - but I will also beat Cardona. What can you say after that? This is almost an opportunity for me to cement my legacy. Whereas most people are complaining and b******* and p****** and moaning, I’m certainly welcoming the opportunity to prove myself," Murdoch said.

NWA Hard Times 3 is set for November 12.

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