Triple H Comments On WWE NXT Women's Championship Being Renamed

Blown out of proportion...

Back on January 23, WWE issued an internal memo to say the NXT Women's Championship would just be known as the NXT Championship going forward, removing the gender-specific designation from the title. Since then, Rhea Ripley's title has simply been referred to as the NXT Championship.

During a call with the media ahead of NXT TakeOver: Portland, Triple H was asked why the company chose to have two titles named the NXT Championship as opposed to changing Adam Cole's belt to the NXT Men's Championship. The Game said the change was blown out of proportion online and took away from what should have been a "moment in time." To him, the change just seemed logical as everyone knew female Superstars competed for the title, regardless of whether or not it was named the Women's title, therefore the decision was made to rename the belt.

Triple H said: "So that was, believe it or not, the internet giantly going into business on something that was a moment in time. There were conversations that were had. It was basically about not having to beat it into the ground when you say it, but it just got run with. When you have that many people working on a product and something gets taken the wrong way, everybody in trying to do their job just spreads it.

"There was never an edict. There was never anything. It really was what it was…If you're showing a graphic, you don't have to say, the title belt that says 'Women's,' the graphic that says 'Women's,' the announcers saying 'Women's,' so everybody is... But you get it. There are pictures of women there, you get what it is. You don't have to beat it into the ground. It was more of, it just got run with and speculated on."

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