Triple H Discusses Roman Reigns' Removal From WWE WrestleMania 36

There are apparent plans for how this will play out...

It was announced one week ago that Roman Reigns, the challenger to Bill Goldberg's Universal title at WrestleMania 36, was pulling out of the show due to health-related concerns, regarding the coronavirus.

Despite news of Reigns' decision to pull out breaking a week ago, WWE has not yet acknowledged that Goldberg will be wrestling a substitute opponent. WWE's social media posts promoting WrestleMania still show Reigns as the challenger.

Triple H discussed this topic on ESPN MMA, and indicated that Reigns' official removal from the match will play out on TV in some fashion, saying, "I think you can watch our business in multiple different ways, and one of them is the storyline aspect of it. Another way is the online component of it, and the reality of it behind it. Roman has his situation and his reasons for doing the things that he's doing. But I will say from our standpoint and the storyline standpoint, it's going to play out in a unique manner and we want it to play out that way.

"It's not necessarily putting me in an awkward position, it's just me saying, 'I don't want to give away the ending of the movie before the movie takes place.' I think everybody just has to watch and kind of see how this unfolds, but it will unfold in a unique way. I think it will be meaningful for everybody. There will always be critics, and we're doing the best we can. 

"It's our company mission to put smiles on people's faces, and that's what we're trying to do in this time when people really need to have those smiles. It might not be the perfect product, but it is the product, and it is what it is right now. We'll try to put those smiles on your face, so it's done with the best of intent."

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