Tully Blanchard Comments On What AEW's Shawn Spears Is Missing

What can Spears do to get to the top?

While Shawn Spears was initially presented as one of All Elite Wrestling's headline wrestlers, he soon settled into the company's mid-card and has largely remained there over the last 18 months. 

Spears has started to feature in more high profile matches recently as part of The Pinnacle, but he is yet to have a major main event singles match in AEW.

Spears' manager, Tully Blanchard, was asked on AdFreeShows.com what he thinks Spears is missing that is preventing him from wrestling in big singles matches. 

"He and I have had that discussion a number of times. It is a lot of me not having the answer because I was out of the business for 30 years, and now I'm starting to get back in the flow of things. The things that make people heels and babyfaces, or in between, really doesn't change that much, because people's emotions, and the things that you go after," Blanchard said.

"Athletically, Shawn is phenomenal. He is big. He is tall. He is quick. I told him a couple of months ago, 'Dude, I couldn't jump over the top rope. I couldn't do this. I couldn't do that. You need to show your abilities that you can do that stuff, and then if the situation arises like back in my career, people knew I could wrestle, but I chose to be a bad guy. That usually ticked off people even more. If people can grab a hold of you in that vein, I think it will push you up the ladder some,'" he continued.

"I think that The Pinnacle is rising, and doing well. I think that's helping Shawn. I know FTR is a fabulous tag team. There's something in me that I can't just say they're the best, but they're real close to the best. I do say that with my tongue in my cheek. MJF is one of the more promising young guys that's going to be a top talent for a long, long time. These guys are all very fortunate that AEW started."

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