Tyler Breeze Discusses Pro Wrestling Hiatus & Return

Tyler Breeze is back

Former WWE star Tyler Breeze recently wrestled his first match in over two years. 

The former NXT Tag Team Champion defeated Matt Cross to win the NGW Title at the company's Wrestle Wars show on July 8. 

Speaking with A2D Radio about his hiatus following his WWE release and how it felt to return to the ring, Breeze said: 

"I never really planned on taking two years off, but after doing this for 15 years and being in WWE for 11 years to where I really didn’t take any time off, I was lucky I didn't have any surgeries, I took care of myself pretty good, but I was on the road and going. When I finally got that call (to be released), I was like, 'Okay, I'm going to shoot the sh*t for a little bit'. Then, I really liked it, and I liked to be home, and I went, 'Huh, I'm going to keep doing this'. A year turned into two years. I got to scratch the wrestling itch a little bit with Flatbacks and training people, but I wasn't missing the road at all. I liked being home and waking up in my bed, typical stuff that people take for granted that I never got to do. I was in no real hurry. 'If something happens, if something pops up that could be fun, maybe I'll do', but for the most part, I wasn't against it, but I wasn't missing it. 

"It just so happens that (Shawn) Spears was like, 'I need an opponent for a match, do you want to do it?'. 'Sure. I'll do one'. That same promoter was like, 'Would you like to do this show?'. 'Yeah, might as well'. Somebody saw that, they offered me something, and all of a sudden I have some bookings. 'I guess I'm back'. Then it was get new gear, new music, get in shape, all that stuff. My first booking was two weeks ago, and it was fun. The thing you always (miss) and the reason why we do this is the crowd. The crowd is so fun. Wrestling is never the problem. The wrestling and the crowd is why we do it, and it's so fun. Being back in front of them, very cool, I'm excited to take more bookings and get back out there. It's been two years. Jumping back in there feels fresh and feels fun and I'm enjoying it." 

Though he was released by WWE in June 2021, the 35-year-old reportedly remains technically under contract to the company due to his association with the UpUpDownDown brand. 

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