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Tyrus Threatens To Assault His Own Children Over Preferred Pronouns Ahead Of NWA 75

Tyrus threatens to beat his own children

Not only is Tyrus a former dinosaur as the 'Funkasaurus' Brodus Clay, but the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion is considered by many to be a political dinosaur. 

People using their preferred pronouns to identify themselves has been the subject of much derision from conservatives in the United States and Tyrus weighed into the topic during a discussion on FOX News' Gutfeld! labelled 'Neopronouns: The Left's Latest Obsession'.

Tyrus took major offence to how human beings identify themselves, saying they only do so because they can't succeed in the United States. The NWA star then threatened his own children, saying: "If my kids came home and said 'Daddy, my pronouns are this, this and this.' Yeah, my pronoun would be ass-whooping.'"

Tyrus is a regular contributor on FOX News alongside his NWA commitments. Tyrus will main event night two of NWA 75 on Sunday, August 27 when he defends the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against EC3 in a Bull Rope Match. Should Tyrus lose, he will retire from pro wrestling. 

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