Update On AEW Working With Both CMLL And AAA

Update on the relationship between AEW and AAA/CMLL

The relationship between CMLL and AAA is a turbulent one, but it looks as though AEW has been the company to bridge somewhat of a gap. Recently, it was announced that CMLL’s Mistico would be appearing on AEW programming, and this was followed up with Tony Khan speaking on X about the two sides working together.

“It was a great honor to meet today with CMLL today. I hope that next week's match is just the beginning! CMLL Champion vs. Champion MISTICO vs Rocky Romero Next Friday on AEW Rampage On TNT.”

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer talked about how Mistico’s booking affects relations between the other promotions. It was stated that on the AEW side, things haven’t changed, and as long as talent from AAA and CMLL aren’t in the ring together, then there are no issues. It was further stated that the issue they would have is them being in NJPW. Shows like Forbidden Door and other crossovers between AEW and NJPW have not featured wrestlers who have been on AAA cards in recent times.

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Written by Andrew Kelly