Update On If Tama Tonga Could Join The Bloodline

Could Tama Tonga join The Bloodline in WWE?

After his exit from new Japan Pro-Wrestling, it is widely expected that Tama Tonga will make his way to WWE. But if and when he lands in the promotion, could he join The Bloodline?

Whilst not a member of the Anoa’i Family through blood, Tama Tonga could be welcomed into the group, with Lance Anoa’i revealing to Steve Fall that the former Bullet Club member is considered family:

“Every time I see Haku, he's my uncle. A lot of respect for him. I believe it's just more like the island culture. You know, we're all from the South Pacific. So the islanders just stick together man like it's just one breed. But yeah, I seen Tama Tanga growing up. I hung out with them while I was out in Japan. Whenever our schedules blessed us to meet up and have dinner. So there's always love there. And man, I don't know if it's true or not. I've been reading on the internet that Tama Tonga has signed. Man and if he did, good for him, because I think it's well deserved and about time,” said Lance Anoa’i.

The Rock has previously referred to Tama Tonga’s father Haku as ‘uncle’, but although Rock is also now part of The Bloodline, Lance would rather see Tama join Bloodline black-sheep Jey Uso instead:

“Jey is kinda all alone. We do consider Tama as family. So I think Jey can use some help [on Raw]. Especially when you know Solo and Jimmy keep creeping over the wall and attacking Jey and then setting up hopefully for I believe a Wrestlemania match. That's what we're hoping for,” continued Anoa’i.

With The Good Brothers in NXT, there is every chance that Tama could side with his former BC running buddies, but for now we’ll have to wait and see.

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