Update On Plans For Brooks Jensen After 'Leaving' WWE

Expect the 'free agent' to show up elsewhere.

So what's next for Brooks Jensen after 'leaving' WWE NXT? 

The second-generation star tweeted that he would be a free agent from Friday, June 21, though this is simply a continuation of the ongoing worked shoot storyline that has seen him acting erratically in a bid to get the attention of Shawn Michaels. 

Per the storyline, Brooks is dismayed at his lack of bookings and has been going to increasingly greater lengths to make WWE's Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative recognise him. 

On this past Tuesday's edition of NXT, for example, Jensen was 'arrested' for trying to rush the ring while Eddy Thorpe was delivering an in-ring promo. 

In an update, Fightful Select noted that while the 22-year-old may claim to have left WWE, he remains under contract. However, in order to sell the angle, Jensen will wrestle on independent shows going forward. Jensen appeared unadvertised at an indie show earlier this month and has teased making an appearance for TNA Wrestling.

In a further storyline development, Jensen's fiancé Chloe took to X (formerly Twitter) this past weekend, expressing concern over his whereabouts after he seemingly no-showed an indie booking. She revealed that she couldn't reach him and was worried that he was drinking alone in a bar somewhere.   

She subsequently deleted the video, apologised for overreacting (while confirming that Jensen was with her) and claimed the situation had been handled.

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