Update On Storyline That Took Place At WWE Raw Tapings In Manchester (SPOILERS)

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At last night's double taping of SmackDown and Raw in Manchester, the continuation of an ongoing angle played out during Raw's portion of the event. An update from PWInsider lends some clarification to what the fans in the Manchester Arena saw.

In the segment, Lana comes to the ring and reveals that she was nine weeks pregnant. She adds that the baby is Rusev's, because she didn't begin sleeping with Bobby Lashley until seven weeks ago, so it could only be Rusev's.

Rusev confronts Lana over this and, after admitting that he is a sex addict, he's assaulted by Lashley. Lana then leaves with Lashley to end the segment.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider learned that when Raw airs on Monday, sometime after this revelation and beatdown, it will be revealed that Lana faked the whole pregnancy. She only claimed as such to lure Rusev to the ring so that Lashley could attack him.

Apparently, none of the show spoilers included this detail, so the swerve wasn't something that fans in the arena got to see.

Reports of the event claimed that the segment was drowned out with very heavy boos throughout.

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