Update On The AEW Video Game

The game remains in development...

Kenny Omega has previously confirmed an All Elite Wrestling video game is in the works. A mobile game may well arrive before the AAA product, however, as the young promotion recently filed to trademark "All Elite Wrestling: Elite General Manager." 

The Cleaner gave an update on the AEW video game during a recent interview with Gamestop.

"The status of the video game is that it is currently in development," Omega said. "I can't say too much more other than I am working very closely creatively with a team. And every few weeks, they have very exciting new things to show us. And I believe that we're on the right track because I think we have a good team backing us with a lot of very, very good hands that are very capable. And when I can say more, I certainly will. And I'm really excited to show the first little bit of footage that we have.

"So it's a little ways away. We're not going to be competing head to head against WWE Battlegrounds anytime soon. But when the game is ready, and when it will release, I think it has a very good chance of standing alone as probably the best wrestling product as a video game that you could probably find on the market. That's the hope anyway."

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