Matt Cardona's AEW Contract Has Expired

He's a free agent once again...

Back on the July 29 edition of Dynamite, Matt Cardona debuted in All Elite Wrestling and fended off Alex Reynolds and John Silver. Strong Island Iced Z then joined The Nightmare Family in their fight against The Dark Order and he teamed with The Natural Nightmares and Scorpio Sky at All Out to defeat the villainous faction.

Cardona hasn't been seen since, though, and he revealed during a Q&A on the Pro Wrestling Junkies YouTube channel that his AEW contract expired following the September 5 pay-per-view.

The former WWE Superstar said: "Hopefully I'll be there more often. As of now, the agreement we had was through the pay-per-view, so that's it… I didn't go there to get three t-shirts, I went there to win some championships, so hopefully you'll see me there very very soon."

Cardona previously confirmed he only signed a per-appearance deal for an initial five dates with the young promotion. He has said he would like to stay in AEW long term, but as of now, the former Intercontinental Champion is a free agent once again. 

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