Update On Why Theme Music Creators CFO$ No Longer Work For WWE

Issues have arisen...

Songwriting duo CFO$ (consisting of members John Alicastro and Michael Lauri) are no longer creating music for WWE, due to issues with their publisher, according to a report from Fightful.

According to the report, one source claims that the group had an issue with their publisher over money. The same source claims that CFO$ tried to get WWE to buy them out of their deal, which the publisher rejected.

The reported plan was that WWE would bring the two on board as an in-house producer of theme music and the like, but talks hit some sort of snag, and nothing materialized. The report also claims that CFO$ may have a non-compete with their publisher that is keeping them from returning.

The YouTube channel for the WWE Music Group hasn't included any uploads for six months.

Alicastro and Lauri debuted with WWE in the summer of 2012, when they (using the name Kromestaik) create the then-theme song for Monday Night Raw, "The Night".

In addition to entrance songs, the pair have created themes for WWE's other properties, particularly WWE Network programs such as Legends House, Camp WWE, and Swerved.

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