Vanessa Borne Reveals More About Her WWE Release

What happened after she was sent back to NXT?

Vanessa Borne looked set for a career on WWE's main roster after being called up in early 2020, but The Vision never debuted on Raw or SmackDown and she revealed to PWInsider that she was sent back to NXT after she expressed concerns about joining RETRIBUTION. 

Borne was released by the company in May 2021 and she revealed more to PWInsider about what happened after she rejoined NXT. 

"After I was back in NXT and had time to digest that, I was still happy to have a job. I spoke to Canyon and said, 'I'm still in the game and willing to move back to Florida.' We chatted and wanted to get me back at the Performance Center because I hadn't been in the ring for nine or ten months. I eventually went to the Performance Center for two weeks to train, which was great. I was in the gym constantly and was in great shape. I felt like I was flying in the ring and didn't miss a beat. During my second week when I was back in the ring, I ended up getting COVID. That was the last time I was at the PC because it rolled right into the holidays," Borne said.

As 2021 began, Borne got in touch with Triple H and she started speaking to a writer about returning to TV on the black and gold brand. The messages stopped just before her release, though, and one week later she was gone from the company. 

"This year rolled around and I hadn't heard anything, so I needed to figure things out. I texted Triple H because I hadn't spoken to anyone and no one had spoken to me. He connected me with a writer at NXT and we were going back and forth with ideas to get me involved. We had ideas that would work, but when you have other characters and storylines, it's a giant puzzle. We never came to a final plan or anything. The last message I had sent over, I didn't get a reply, and a week later I was released," Borne continued.

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