Veer Mahaan Moved Back To WWE NXT

Veer Mahaan has been sent back to NXT

Veer Mahaan is coming… home to NXT after the ‘Million Dollar Arm’ was moved back to NXT from WWE’s main roster.

Veer and Sanga reunited as Indus Sher at a recent NXT house show to face Andre Chase and a partner in Florida, the first time the pair had teamed since January 2021. With Mahaan receiving relatively little screen time since Triple H took over WWE creative this reunion with Sanga suggests the move could be a permanent one, with Sanga having remained in NXT since Mahaan made the jump to the main roster.

Ahead of his Raw re-debut in April 2022, Mahaan became a meme amongst wrestling fans, with vignettes hyping his Raw debut airing for over six months before he inevitably showed up. After debuting, Mahaan feuded with the Mysterios, and has made only four Raw appearances since the start of June.

Before being pushed as a singles star, Veer was briefly aligned with Jinder Mahal and Shanky before the trio were split in the 2021 WWE Draft.

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