Vickie Guerrero Reveals Why She Was Late For Ladder Spot At WWE SummerSlam 2005

Did Vickie miss her cue?

One of the featured matches at SummerSlam 2005 was Rey Mysterio taking on Eddie Guerrero in a Ladder Match where custody of Rey's son Dominik was on the line. 

It was the culmination of a long and dramatic storyline that had taken place over the course of many months and included several soap opera twists and turns. 

During the blowoff match, Vickie Guerrero interfered and helped to prevent her husband from winning by tipping over a ladder while he was standing on it, before holding him down as Mystero successfully climbed up. 

Those watching the live broadcast realised that, though Vickie did eventually turn up for her spot, she was clearly supposed to come out earlier. 

The miscue forced Eddie and Rey to improvise in her absence, with Latino Heat loudly shouting 'where the f*ck was Vickie?' (as well as various other expletives) to referee Charles Robinson at ringside.

Incidentally, Eddie's furious reaction has been edited off the WWE Network version of the show. 

Replying to a fan on Twitter who claimed she had missed her cue, Vickie set the record straight by writing back:

"Hey genius…I didn’t miss my cue….Rey was under the ladder and it was not safe for me to run and push the ladder…I was told to wait until Rey was out of the way. #stayinyourlane".

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