Vince McMahon Makes Rare Appearance At WWE HQ Holiday Party

Vince McMahon made a rare appearance at WWE Headquarters

WWE Headquarters hosts an annual party for the holidays, but someone who has rarely been present over the years is Vince McMahon, despite leading the charge at HQ for many decades. This year though, McMahon was present and full of festive cheer, making a now rare appearance at WWE HQ since his lessening responsibilities in the company. 

PWInsider have been told of McMahon’s arrival at the party, and were told by those in attendance that McMahon was amicable, making rounds with those in attendance, and was even described as being “friendly” and “approachable”. 

McMahon’s role since WWE’s sale to Endeavor and TKO merger is still prominent but not as much as it once was when he served as WWE Chairman, which has led to his presence at WWE HQ not being required in recent months. However, this has clearly given him more time to show up and let loose at the HQ party. PWInsider also noted that usually some on-screen talents would be at these events in previous years, but this year there were none present.

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Written by Andrew Kelly