REVEALED: Why WWE Are Cutting Back On House Shows

WWE are running less live events

WWE could be set to cut back on more house shows, something they’ve been gradually doing anyway over time since the return from the pandemic. 

Mark Shapiro, the TKO COO, discussed the future of house shows during a UBS conference, and noted how there are both positives and negatives to these live events, and explained the reasoning for cutting back. 

“While there’s a reason to have them (house shows) because it’s good for the brand, we’re building audience, we’re putting them on in C and D counties (while some are, house shows are held everywhere from MSG to Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco to Boise, ID, Newark, DE, and all points in between), so we’re really stretching the brand and we’re amassing a greater array of eyeballs from all demos so it’s good for our long-term growth. Through a margin perspective, they are dilutive. So there’s probably an opportunity as well to go through our efficiencies and our synergy opportunities to cut back on some of those non televised events which will push our margin up so we are going through that exercise now.” 

Essentially, smaller markets aren’t making enough money, so aren’t entirely worthwhile for WWE to be running there. Of course, advertising the brand, giving wrestlers the freedom on house shows, and bringing more fans to shows is always a good thing, which is why house shows will still be in place, just at a decreased number.

H/T Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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Written by Andrew Kelly