Vince McMahon Personally Directed Urine Segment Between Jeff Hardy & Sheamus

How does Vince McMahon like his WWE segments in the morning? He likes his with some urine

Vince McMahon would rarely personally direct rehearsals of segments before a television taping, according to former WWE stars Mason Madden (FKA Mace) and Mansoor. 

One segment the disgraced former WWE Chairman did get hands-on with, however, involved urine. On the June 12, 2020, episode of SmackDown, Jeff Hardy doused rival Sheamus with a cup full of ‘piss’ after The Celtic Warrior had demanded he take a drug test. 

This, per the duo once known as the Maximum Male Models, was one of only two segments the tag team witnessed McMahon direct. 

Speaking with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Mansoor noted: “Well, we were in WWE when there was a piss angle in the ring. Jeff Hardy threw piss on Sheamus. By the way, one of the only angles for Vince to ever come to the ring for rehearsals”.

Madden then added: “There were two angles Vince came out of the Catacombs for, the piss angle and for the model walk”, before Mansoor confirmed that “The Maximum Male Models debut. Those are the only two segments that Vince ever personally directed in the rehearsals”. 

Madden and Mansoor recently discussed their trip to Uganda and appearance in SGW.

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