Visual Concepts Reveal Feature They Want To Add In Future WWE 2K Releases

What could be added to WWE 2K24?

New features and elements are added to the series with every WWE 2K release from the complete revamp with WWE 2K22 to the introduction of WarGames in the upcoming WWE 2K23. 

Despite improvements to the series, though, WWE 2K video games still do not feature everything that can happen in a professional wrestling match. Developers Visual Concepts are looking to continue adding new features to matches in future iterations and Gameplay Producer Bryan Williams revealed to Wccftech that he wants to introduce dives onto multiple wrestlers in future titles. 

After being asked what features he would like to add in future WWE 2K games, Williams said: 

"Oh brother, I've got a bunch. There are always ideas that are left on the table, but they're never discarded. Usually, when we start pre-production on the next game, we just go back and pick up what we wanted to do last year that we didn't have the bandwidth for. For me, since we're speaking about WarGames, this is something I've wanted for a long time and I think the tech has finally caught up to my imagination -- being able to do dives onto groups of people.

"If you're doing a fatal four-way and there are guys huddled at ringside, maybe a guy like Ricochet does a big tope over the top rope, he can wipe out an entire group. I think it will improve match types that feature multiple participants and for a match like WarGames, I think it's perfectly suited, because we have the ability to do those crazy dives from the cage. […] It helps in situations where it can lead to the end of the match. When you've got six or eight participants [in WarGames] it can go pretty long. You've got so many working parts, and it's 'Man, I've been playing 30 minutes! This is fun, but we've gotta wrap this up!' Having a mechanic that can take out multiple people at once could help conclude the match. That's one of those things that's high on my list. We'll see."

The next WWE 2K video game - WWE 2K23 - is set to be released on Friday, March 17 on Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as Windows PC. 

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