WALTER Calls WWE Survivor Series Match A "Mistake," Teases Entering Men's Royal Rumble

The Ring General speaks...

At Survivor Series, many wrestling fans were excited by the prospect of WALTER mixing it up with Superstars on the main roster like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. However, their excitement was short-lived as he was eliminated from the Men's Elimination match after only three minutes.

During a recent interview with Alistair McGeorge at the Metro newspaper, WALTER revealed his participation in the match was a "mistake" and that he "didn't care" about being involved in it. He added that it wasn't his type of match as it was more focussed on acrobatics as opposed to "competition."

The NXT UK champion said: "I wasn’t invested in that. I didn't care. I care about my guys, my group, I care about the sport, but I don’t care about all those people being angry with each other. It was a weird match too - three five-men tag teams, and always three guys in the ring. That’s when wrestling turns from competition to putting acrobats in a circus to do a show. There’s 15 of you, you've got to do something."

While he was dissatisfied with being involved at Survivor Series, the wXw star said he would be more interested in entering the Men's Royal Rumble match. For him, the Rumble makes more sense than the elimination match as it is every man for himself, as opposed to having to believably team with Superstars you don't know.

WALTER elaborated: "I legit don't know. I would love Royal Rumble, I think it's a different case. You're not in there with a group of people you don't really know, but you have to be in a team with them. In the Royal Rumble, it's a lot of people but it's every man for himself."

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