Wardlow Hails AEW Locker Room Leaders Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, & Bryan Danielson

AEW locker room feels less chaotic due to the locker room leaders, according to Wardlow

After the events of the All Out locker-room brawl, reports emerged stating that Chris Jericho, Bryan Danielson, and Jon Moxley had made a concerted effort as locker room leaders to restore a sense of calm to AEW.

TNT Champion Wardlow has now gone on record to praise the impact the three have had since stepping up, telling ESPR Wrestling:

“Everybody backstage has done such a great job at communicating and we’ve been, honestly through all the, you know, you said ‘chaos’… fortunately, on the inside, it has made us so much tighter and I feel like since all that stuff happened, these past couple months have really changed the locker room and we have some really, really positive leadership. Guys like [Chris] Jericho and [Jon] Moxley and Bryan Danielson, they are true leaders and very passionate and they’ve done such a good job of getting the locker room together and on the same page and getting our company on the right track.

“Yeah, absolutely [it feels like a cohesive unit again]… We talked about this recently. I really feel like our locker room is as tight as it was when we first started a few years ago because when we first started man, we were all on the same mission, we were a family and then we survived COVID together where we spent more time with each other than our families,” said Wardlow.

H/T: POST Wrestling

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