Report: Why John Cena Campaigned For A UK WrestleMania At WWE Money In The Bank Revealed

John Cena campaigned for a UK WrestleMania at WWE Money in the Bank 2023

John Cena made headlines during Money in the Bank 2023, with the multi-time WWE Champion making a surprise appearance during the ‘premium live event’ in London, England.

Cena took to the mic to thank the fans, and cut an impassioned plea to WWE management, advocating for a WrestleMania on British soil, something UK fans have wanted for decades.

Reports in the wake of Cena’s promo claimed that WWE view a UK WrestleMania as unlikely, but a new report from Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter suggests that Cena’s speech was a WWE-sanctioned move in order to create a groundswell in the UK.

WWE are allegedly hoping that fervour surrounding a WWE WrestleMania in the UK will lead to the company getting significant money from the local government in order to secure Mania, with the biggest event in pro wrestling generating significant income and jobs for whichever city hosts it. Meltzer suggests that whilst it would be more expensive and more logistically taxing to host WrestleMania in the UK, the publicity and excitement from a potential London WrestleMania would seemingly be worth it.

During the post-MITB press conference, Triple H was sheepish about Mania in the UK, saying “never say never”, but it seems that Cena’s promo was fully sanctioned by WWE management, with its content tying into corporate strategy.

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