Why The Rock Wasn't At WWE Survivor Series 2021 Reportedly Emerges

A show which heavily hyped The Great One

Everything seemed in place for The Rock to make an appearance at WWE Survivor Series 2021. 

However, while WWE celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Great One's debut for the promotion and heavily promoted his latest movie, Red Notice, the pay-per-view went off the air without any sign of The Rock. 

It was obviously to anyone watching this year's Survivor Series that the plan had been for some form of appearance from The Brahma Bull and Andrew Zarian - writing on F4WOnline.com - has confirmed this was indeed the plan. 

Zarian notes that he was informed in July that the plan was to build this year's Survivor Series around The Rock, noting the heavy advertising of his new film and his debut for WWE in New York City in 1996. With NBC's renewal of Young Rock and the launch of the second season of Ruthless Aggression on the WWE Network - which has an episode dedicated to The Rock - the timing was perfect.

However, plans reportedly changed in late September as The Rock's own schedule had altered, requiring the 49-year-old to quarantine for travel reasons. Despite The Rock not being able to attend, WWE still had a financial obligation to heavily promote 'Red Notice', meaning the basic concept of the pay-per-view remained largely the same to what WWE would have done had the man himself been able to attend. 

As Zarian notes, the entire show had the feel of a surprise party for a guest of honour who didn't arrive.

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