Will Ospreay Admits It Was A 'Little Hard' Hearing Triple H's Grind Comments

Will Ospreay found it difficult to hear Triple H's digs

Over WrestleMania 40 weekend, Triple H made remarks about certain free agents not wanting to “grind” in WWE, leading to Will Ospreay responding directly to this criticism on AEW programming, with both instances sparking more conflict between the two promotions. He was asked once again in an interview with Adrian Hernandez about the incident. 

"It is what it is. Everyone sent it to me. People within the company were saying, 'That was a bag at you.' I'm over it now. I said my bit. My thing was funny. Everyone took it way too personally. All these old f**** that are like, 'I have a podcast' and they think they know everything. I couldn't give a fuck about these guys. As soon as it was said, I fired back and it should be done. At the end of it, no harm done. I f****** like Triple H. It was a little bit hard hearing that s***. I was nothing but respectful in all the talks. I have my own mission, my own objectives, my own goals. Just because it doesn't fit with your things, it doesn't mean people should be firing shots my way. I come from a generation where if you fire one at me, I fire one back.”

Ospreay has since expressed his regret about coming back at Triple H, noting that he doesn’t need to mention anyone from WWE in this sort of manner.

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