Why The WWE Speed Title Isn't Defended On TV

Ricochet has explained why the WWE Speed Championship isn't on TV

Ricochet is the reigning, defending and inaugural WWE Speed Champion after winning a tournament to crown the very first titleholder, beating Johnny Gargano in the finals. The title itself hasn’t appeared on weekly WWE programming, even when Ricochet himself has been present on Monday Night RAW, with him instead only wrestling on the X platform when defending the title. 

The champion was asked directly on X in a now deleted post about why he hasn’t defended the WWE Speed Championship on either Monday Night RAW or Friday Night SmackDown, and he explained as such in a post on X, implying that X, where Speed matches take place, have exclusivity over the prize. 

"Because a specific company paid a specific amount of money to have a specific show and title, EXCLUSIVELY be shown on their specific platform."

Ricochet and the WWE Speed Championship were recently spoken about by Will Ospreay, who expressed dislike towards the fact that Ricochet is involved in the WWE Speed concept, stating he deserved much more respect rather than featuring in three minute matches on social media.

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Written by Andrew Kelly