William Regal Comments On Claudio Castagnoli Signing With AEW

Claudio Castagnoli is the newest member of William Regal’s Blackpool Combat Club in AEW

When Bryan Danielson announced he wasn’t cleared to compete at Forbidden Door or Blood & Guts, it opened the door for Claudio Castagnoli to join the Blackpool Combat Club, and take Danielson’s place at both events.

Fans had speculated that Claudio was the only free agent with the pedigree to join the group, and BCC head William Regal has spoken of his delight at Claudio joining, saying the following on the Gentleman Villain podcast:

“Absolutely wonderful,” Regal began. “I’ve talked, and I believe it was on Renee [Paquette]’s podcast about how much I think of Claudio. Incredible talent. He’s one of my favourite people. I think he’s one of the great professionals of the world and everybody can learn from him just if they only watch the way he carries himself backstage. We could do a whole podcast on my admiration for Claudio. He’s a pro through and through. He’s incredible – everything about him. The way he carries himself, what he’s gone through, how he’s got to this point in his life just getting to America. I really do think he is quite possibly – when I say he is the very best professional around today and maybe as much as anybody ever. He’s so good at his job – the way he conducts himself, his intelligence, his willingness to help younger talent, his willingness to do what’s right in the job. He speaks six languages.”

Claudio is not only a phenomenal in-ring performer, but an industry veteran, and Regal believes other wrestlers in AEW can learn a lot from him:

“To have him on AEW is incredible for everybody. Not just as a wrestler, but just for the way he conducts himself. If you can’t as a young wrestler look at him and take lessons, perhaps you shouldn’t be in this job. Perhaps it’s time you need to go and get a job somewhere else. Just look at him and the way he looks and dresses and his manners. That’s what everybody should strive to be, in my opinion. He’s got everything that’s good about wrestling,” said Regal.

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