William Regal Still 'Very Instrumental' Within WWE NXT

Regal is very instrumental in the developmental of up-and-coming talent.

William Regal still continues to wield plenty of influence in WWE NXT, according to Booker T. 

Regal has been associated with WWE's developmental system (save for a brief foray to AEW) since the end of his full-time in-ring career over a decade ago, due to his work both as an on-screen authority figure and behind-the-scenes. 

Speaking about Regal on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker noted: 

"He's still making money moves. Let's just say that. I don't want to give away his role. He had not spoken something like that; his title. I wouldn't want to give it a title. I could tell you he's very very instrumental in the young guys and the young guys that are coming up and making it to the next level".

Last year it was revealed that Regal's official role within WWE is Vice President of Global Talent Development. 

Though the 56-year-old Brit has made various on-camera appearances in recent times, there are reportedly no plans to use him in a full-time role on NXT TV.

However, he was added to the active WWE roster page in March, suggesting he may continue to make sporadic appearances going forward.

H/T Wrestling Inc.

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