World Of Sport Wrestling Return Teased On Social Media

The British promotion hasn't been active since early 2019...

World Of Sport Wrestling was a staple of TV in the United Kingdom for over 33 years on ITV. The show is remembered fondly by British wrestling fans as stars like Big Daddy, Giant Haystacks, and Kendo Nagasaki battled each other on Saturday afternoons.

After a pilot episode in 2016, ITV rebooted the programme in 2018 and commissioned a 10-episode series. The show again aired on Saturday afternoons on ITV, attracting 1.2 million viewers for its first episode, the largest viewership for wrestling in Britain in over 30 years. The series also included some of the biggest stars in British wrestling like Will Ospreay, Grado, Bea Priestley and Kay Lee Ray.

After the TV series ended in September 2018, the promotion held six live events in early 2019. Following this, Dave Meltzer tweeted that WOS had been cancelled because of ITV's TV deal with All Elite Wrestling.

Despite Meltzer's tweet, World Of Sport's Twitter account teased it could be revived in the near future. The account tweeted a five-second video last night, and while the clip included three seconds of static, there were intermittent images of the WOS ring and a foam fist with World Of Sport emblazoned across it.

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