Chris Jericho Held Backstage Meeting To Address Tag Team Wrestling In AEW

Le Champion was not happy...

Since Dynamite debuted on October 2nd, the show has been widely praised by Wrestling fans. However, many fans, and even Jim Ross on commentary, have complained about the lack of rules in tag team matches. Often wrestlers would remain in the ring for several minutes without having been tagged in, leaving viewers confused as to who was the legal competitor.

AEW World Champion Chris Jericho was also upset about this and called a meeting backstage to address the issue. Le Champion was particularly critical of The Lucha Brothers, who made excuses about why they didn't tag each other.

On the Keepin It 100 podcast, Jericho said: "I called a team meeting...the lack of tags and normal tag team wrestling psychology drove me nuts. It's sort of making excuses for The Lucha Brothers because tagging in and out, they're lazy, they don't care. They walk in and out whenever they want and it's not right. They would make excuses where they would say, "oh it's lucha libre style." That's funny, I worked in Mexico for two years and guess how you make a tag in a lucha libre match? You stand in the corner and you wait for a guy to touch you and you walk in."

Jericho added: "I called a meeting with the whole crew and said 'you're burying the ref, if you don't have any rules, you don't get any heat, and it's killing our show because our honeymoon period is over, and now people are watching us and they're being confused by the lack of rules.'"

The Painmaker did acknowledge that once he had a chat with Pentagon Jr. and Fenix about their tagging habits, they addressed the issue. Jericho elaborated: "Once we had a couple of talks with them, guess what they started doing? They started tagging. Maybe it was a habit or maybe nobody told them. You have a whole locker room of guys that have just worked Indies their whole career and they don't know little things."

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