WWE 24/7 Title Changes Hands Three Times, Was Won By Non-WWE Personality

It's been a rather busy weekend so far for the WWE 24/7 championship, changing three times in the city of Los Angeles, with potentially more hijinks to follow.

Elias came into the weekend as champion, but was pinned on Friday by R-Truth at FOX's Founders Day event, following a musical performance. Elias was distracted by Drake Maverick just before Truth snuck up on Elias and scored the pin.

On Saturday, the title changed hands twice more, with somebody outside of WWE briefly holding the belt.

R-Truth walked onto the set of FOX College Football, where he met up with the studio crew. After a brief conversation, he turned to leave, only to trip and fall, hitting his head. While Truth was laying hurt, main anchor Rob Stone quickly covered Truth and won the belt, with the aid of a suddenly-materializing referee.

Stone's celebration was short lived, as he was quickly rolled up and pinned by Elias.

As of this writing, R-Truth has held the 24/7 title on 13 occasions, Elias four times, and Rob Stone (understandably) once.

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