WWE 2K20 Suffers Game-Breaking Bug As 2020 Begins

Y2K20 indeed....

Since it was released back in October, WWE 2K20 has suffered from a myriad of game-breaking bugs and glitches. For some users, the game simply would not launch, while others suffered from a common glitch whereby steel steps would sink into the ring causing Superstars to frog-walk in mid-air.

While 2K has fixed some of the game's issues with patches, a new problem arose yesterday with the beginning of the new decade. Users shared footage online showing that 2K20 crashed when they tried to play the game once the new year began. This was caused by an issue with the in-game clock, meaning many were forced to amend their console's year back to 2019 if they wanted to play the game. If users remained in 2020, the game would crash when they selected most options from the in-game menu.

2K has since confirmed the issue has been fixed on Twitter. They tweeted late last night: "This issue has been resolved. Please make sure to restart your #WWE2K20 game to automatically download the fix. If you continue experiencing issues, please open a support ticket here: Thank you again for your patience!"

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