WWE Considering Adding Live Reactions To Empty Arena Shows To Make Up For No Crowd

That's one way to liven things up...

Holding WrestleMania 36 inside an empty training facility is far from the most desirable option, but given the circumstances, it's sadly a necessity. That said, WWE is looking to try and liven up the proceedings as best they can.

WWE Fan Council commissioned a survey over the preceding days, asking if home viewers would like to see fan and/or celebrity reactions spliced into the empty arena shows, in lieu of there being no fans on hand to react.

The survey began, “WWE is considering new options for the way that they present show segments within this current environment. This might include seeing and hearing feedback from Superstars, celebrities, sports figures or fans during a show. The following videos are examples of how parts of show segments might look if fans were shown on screen providing feedback.” It then included a photo of a sample match placed center screen, surrounded by reaction video feeds on the surrounding border.

The survey also asks if viewers would be interested in seeing reactions from fans, sports figures, celebrities, current WWE stars, WWE legends, or a mixture.

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Justin Henry

Written by Justin Henry

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