Notes On How Chris Jericho-Matt Hardy Segment From AEW Dynamite Was Taped

AEW had to get more creative than you might realize...

Wednesday night's AEW Dynamite concluded with "Broken" Matt Hardy rejecting an offer from Chris Jericho to join The Inner Circle, resulting in a skirmish.

The segment, which included Hardy apparently teleporting throughout the empty seats at Daily's Place, was understandably taped in advance for technical reasons, but there's more to it than that.

Dave Meltzer revealed on Wrestling Observer Radio that the angle was shot twice, and the second time around, the clock was ticking.

"They had taped that segment on Tuesday. Jericho hated it. He just absolutely hated it," reports Meltzer. "So they were going to go and re-tape it on Wednesday. They didn't want to do it live, and then they realized because it's outdoors and dark (when the segment airs), that it was light out, and it wasn't like you could tape it in the afternoon and then put it in the show.

"On the show that aired on Wednesday, everything was live except for the Kip Sabian match with Darby Allin. That match was taped the day before. What they did was as the Sabian/Darby match was playing, they redid the segment that we saw and rushed into editing it. They edited the whole segment in 15 minutes, and made it on the air with something like 15 minutes to spare. They liked the second version better than the first."

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