WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 To Air At 11 am GMT

Rise and shine, Elimination Chamber is starting before lunch time

Better set your alarm if you’re a late sleeper UK fans, as WWE will be airing a premium live event at 11am!

It was announced recently that WWE would be hosting a major premium live event in Perth, Australia, emanating from the Optus Stadium. This will be WWE’s first venture into Australia for a major show since all the way back in 2018 when Triple H and The Undertaker headlined Super ShowDown. 

It was announced in the last couple days that the event would be Elimination Chamber, which tours for a third year in a row after previous shows took place in Saudi Arabia and Canada. Due to the show taking place in Australia, it means for a different start time to usual shows. For UK fans, it will begin at 11am GMT. 

Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that even with this early time for the show, Peacock aren’t too bothered about live viewers, WWE confirmed to us the show will air in prime time Australia time. Peacock these days doesn’t care as much about live viewers of the WWE PPV shows. The number they are most concerned with is viewership over the first 24 hours as opposed to live. That early a time slot may hurt a little, but they already do that for the Saudi Arabia shows and even on PPV the Saudi shows do about the same as the B shows.”

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Written by Andrew Kelly