WWE Hall Of Famer Kane Recalls Terrifying Elderly Couple In His Make-up In A Hotel

No-one wants a rude awakening from a Big Red Machine

In the Attitude Era, Kane was one of the most terrifying performers on WWE television. Just imagine what you’d do if he burst into your hotel room in the middle of the night.

Well for one elderly couple, that nightmare became a reality.

As revealed on the Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw show, Kane accidentally caused terror in a hotel, saying:

“I wanted to get back to the hotel so I could get in a few hours of sleep before I caught my flight the next day. So, I get done with my match and instead of showering - and this was when I had the full mask on, I weighed 320 pounds - I would wear makeup, black paint around my eyes so that my face would blend in with the mask. So what would happen in the match is the sweat would run down and the makeup would run down my face, and I would look a lot like Alice Cooper. I looked like I had mascara running down my face, I had the long hair halfway down my back,” Kane explained, “so as soon as the match was over I get back to the locker room, throw my wrestling gear in my bag and put out my workout stuff, which was a tank top and shorts, and I drive to the hotel. 

“So I get to the hotel at the [Los Angeles International Airport], I walk in to the front desk. I’m a 320-pound man with long hair, mascara and still sweating actually, wearing shorts and a tank top, OK? So that was enough of an image in itself… I get my room key and go up to the room, open the door,” Kane said, noting how some hotel doors would slam back in your face. “I opened the door, throw my bags in and I take a step in. There was an elderly Japanese couple in the room, they’d given me the key to the wrong room. Imagine a 320-pound man with long hair, wearing a tank top and shorts and mascara, has just entered your hotel room. So, of course I apologise profusely, they’re screaming at me in Japanese. They’re up on the bed, hugging each other [re-enacts their response] and by the time I get down to the front desk, the manager is on the phone with someone. I said, ‘Please just don’t call the police!’ and offering free breakfast in the morning.”

H/T: Wrestlezone

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