WWE Looking To Form Working Relationships With Promotions In Mexico, Puerto Rico

According to a new report from Lucha Libre Online, WWE are looking to form working relationships with promotions in both Mexico and Puerto Rico.

"EXCLUSIVE: WWE has established alliances in Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States with top professional wrestling companies. Lucha Libre Online can confirm that WWE is looking to establish alliances or agreements with companies in both Puerto Rico and Mexico. The company has knocked on the door in both countries very recently with the intention of creating a partnership, similar to what they did with companies like TNA, Pro Wrestling NOAH and Marigold. If it comes to fruition, it would be HUGE for the company from Puerto Rico and Mexico that WWE selects," Lucha Libre Online tweeted.

The top two promotions in Mexico are CMLL and AAA but both have working relationships with All Elite Wrestling. Relations between AAA and AEW were rocky in early 2023, though, after AEW's FTR dropped the AAA Tag Team Championships to Dragon Lee and Dralistico, only for Dragon Lee to then announce he had signed with WWE. AEW talents being booked to put over a soon-to-be WWE talent didn't impress Tony Khan and reports noted the AEW CEO felt "double-crossed" by AAA. 

WWE have had alliances in Puerto Rico before, and the International Wrestling Association previously served as an official WWE development territory. 

WWE have formed working relationships with multiple promotions in 2024, a big departure from the Vince McMahon regime. Partnerships have seen crossovers between TNA and WWE that are set to continue, while AJ Styles will face Naomichi Marufuji in Pro Wrestling NOAH on July 13. On the same day, IYO SKY will take on Utami Hayashishita at Marigold Summer Destiny.

WWE Women's Champion Bayley exclusively told Cultaholic that she was interested in working TNA and Marigold. 

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