WWE Payback 2020 Live Results

Three titles will be on the line...

The second biggest party of the summer has finally arrived and join us throughout the night as we provide updates from Payback 2020. 

Eight matches will take place inside the ThunderDome and the Universal Championship may well change hands in the main event as "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt will put the title on the line against Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns in a No Holds Barred Triple Threat match. 

The in-ring action is set to begin at 11 pm BST with the Kickoff Show. Payback will then follow at midnight BST. 

Check out the card below: 
• "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt (c) vs. Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns - No Holds Barred Triple Threat Match for the Universal Championship 
• Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio vs. Seth Rollins & Murphy 
• Randy Orton vs. Keith Lee
• The Golden Role Models (c) vs. Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax - Women's Tag Team Championship
• Apollo Crews (c) vs. Bobby Lashley - United States Championship 
• Big E vs. Sheamus 
• Matt Riddle vs. King Corbin 
• The Riott Squad vs. The IIconics - Kickoff Show 

Jack King and Tom Campbell will go one on one for the Cultaholic Heavyweight Championship in the Payback predictions contest. The lucky winner will also receive custody of Adam Pacitti. Check out the video below: 

The Riott Squad def. The IIconics - Kickoff Show 

Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan showed some early miscommunication as Ruby went smashing into Liv's knees after making the tag. Ruby then blind tagged into the match and refused to tag her partner in when she asked. 

Ruby's selfishness allowed The IIconics to gain the upper hand. Riott charged at Peyton Royce but she ducked and Billie Kay hit her with a hellacious Big Boot. The former Women's Tag Team Champions worked over Riott for the next few minutes. Riott eventually got in some offence but she couldn't make the hot tag as Peyton pulled Morgan from the apron. 

Billie tried to convince Liv Riott attacked her. After briefly believing her opponent, Liv made her way back to the apron and Ruby made the hot tag. Liv ran roughshod over both members of The IIconics and she almost picked up the win after hitting the Double Knees on Royce. 

The IIconcis were the next team to almost win as they hit Deja Vu on Riott. Morgan broke up the pin, however. Royce and Kay then went for Deja Vu on Morgan but Liv countered and hit Oblivion on Kay. She tagged in Riott moments later and The Riott Squad combined with the Double Knees and Riott Kick for the 1-2-3. 

Bobby Lashley def. Apollo Crews to win the United States Championship 

Bobby Lashley was accompanied to the ring by MVP and Shelton Benjamin. Could their presence at ringside prove decisive? 

Both men locked up to start the match. Lashley gained the early advantage with his strength but Crews used his speed to hit a Dropkick. The All Mighty briefly regained control but Crews used his speed once again to hit another Dropkick and knocked Lashley to the outside. The United States Champion tried to take advantage but The Hurt Business blocked him off, giving Lashley time to recover. 

The former Intercontinental Champion used his brief break to good effect as he charged at Crews and took control of the match. Lashley sent Apollo crashing into the ring post on the outside. He followed up in the ring with a Sleeper Hold and hit a Dominator soon after. Crews kicked out at 2, though. 

The One Man Nation fought back into the match with a Crossbody moments later. Crews used his new-found aggression once again and picked Lashley up and drove him into the corner. He hit a Stinger Splash and went for the Sit-Out Powerbomb but couldn't get his opponent up. He hit the Standing Moonsault instead, but Lashley kicked out at two. 

Apollo then tried to pick Lashley up, but The All Mighty countered and tried to lock in The Full Nelson. Crews drove his head into the corner and connected with a Frog Splash. Lashley kicked out again, however. Crews tried to hit some more offence but Lashley countered with a Slam. The Hurt Business member locked in the Full Nelson moments later and forced Crews to tap out. 

The former champion attacked Lashley after the bell. This rivalry looks destined to continue. 

Big E def. Sheamus 

Both men grappled to start out the match. The two Superstars were evenly matched and exchanged Waistlocks before Big E sent Sheamus flying across the ring with his power. Sheamus gained the upper hand soon after with the 10 Beats Of The Bodhran. E fought back and went for the Dive on the apron, but Sheamus rolled out of the way. 

The Celtic Warrior then worked over E's left knee for the next few minutes. Sheamus went high risk as he climbed to the top rope and tried to land a Diving Fist. Big E caught him with an Overhead Belly To Belly Suplex and both men exchanged momentum over the next two minutes. 

E went for the Big Ending but Sheamus countered into a Heel Hook. E fought out but Sheamus caught him a hellacious Knee to the jaw. Somehow, The New Day member kicked out at two. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but E countered with a Powerbomb. He followed up with the Big Ending for the 1-2-3. 

Matt Riddle def. King Corbin 

We had two backstage segments before the next match. Matt Riddle was interviewed backstage and they referenced a tweet from King Corbin earlier which mentioned The Original Bro was a failure at home. Riddle previously admitted he cheated on his wife with indie wrestler Candy Cartwright. Then, the broadcast cut to Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax. The dysfunctional team almost came to blows as they again said they don't like each other. 

Corbin attacked Riddle before the bell when The King Of Bros tried to fire his flip flops into the stands. The King Of The Ring was even more aggressive after they rang the bell as he beat down Riddle on the announcer's table. He followed up with a submission inside the ring but the former NXT Tag Team Champion eventually got in some offence with some Kicks and a Kimura Lock. 

Corbin fought out but Riddle locked in a Sleeper Hold. Corbin battled out again and proceeded to dominate his opponent over the next few minutes with Strikes, a Sleeper Hold of his own and a Sidewalk Slam. 

The King Of Bros earned himself some time as he caught Corbin with a vicious Kick to the head. He hit a Pele Kick moments later and followed up with some Forearms in the corner and a Running Knee. The Lone Wolf powered out at two, however. Riddle hit some brutal kicks to Corbin's ribs and The King Of The Ring was doubled over with pain. 

Corbin was able to hit Deep Six, however, but Riddle kicked out. Matt then went for the Triangle Choke, Corbin tried to power out but Riddle hit him with a Kick to his injured ribs. The King Of Bros followed up with the Bro To Sleep and the Floating Bro for the victory.

After the match, we cut to Riddle celebrating backstage but Corbin suddenly attacked him from behind. It looks like this feud will continue.

Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax def. The Golden Role Models to win the Women's Tag Team Championship 

During her entrance, Nia Jax wore a "Nobody's Meaner Than Tamina" shirt, a nice callback to her former tag team partner.

Jax told Baszler to follow her lead but The Queen Of Spades immediately tagged herself into the match. Baszler dominated both Bayley and Sasha Banks until The Role Model tossed Shayna into Nia Jax, knocking The Irresistible Force from the ring apron. 

Jax wasn't out of commission for long as Banks tried to connect with a Hurricanrana but Nia caught her and swung her head into the barricade. This allowed Baszler to tag in her partner. The more experienced team were able to fell Jax back to the floor with a Chop Block and the champions used quick tags to work over Jax's legs. 

Jax eventually used her power to make the hot tag to Baszler. The Queen Of Spades hit Bayley and Banks with Running Knees and connected with two Gutwrench Suplexes on the champions. Baszler told Jax they could win and Jax agreed. They then actually hit some double team manoeuvres. 

Their advantage didn't last long as Banks hit a Facebuster on Nia. The Golden Role Models followed up with a Flying Elbow from Bayley and a Frog Splash from Sasha. Nia powered out at two, though. Nia then tagged in Shayna but the champions didn't immediately realise. This allowed Baszler to lock in the Muta Lock on Banks. The Queen Of Spades trapped Bayley in the Kirifuda Clutch at the same time. Shayna even used Banks' arm against her tag team partner and forced The Role Model to tap out. 

Banks went from having two belts to having no belts within seven days. 

Keith Lee def. Randy Orton 

In Cultaholic news, Jack The Jobber is confident he will reclaim the Cultaholic Heavyweight Championship following Baszler and Jax's title victory. 

Keith Lee has new generic-sounding entrance music. The Limitless One also got rid of the baggy shorts but still has a vest on.

Randy immediately trapped Lee in a Headlock. Lee powered out, though, and hit his signature offence to flatten Orton. Randy was shocked for some reason and demanded Keith's respect. He followed up with three hellacious Chops but Lee again powered out and connected with Grizzly Magnum. He tried to follow up but only went charging into the ring post. 

Randy smelled blood and hit a Belly To Back Suplex on the announcer's table. Orton used his methodical offence once the action re-entered the ring and locked in a Headlock. Lee again powered out, though, and launched Orton into the air with a Shoulder Tackle. He then used Orton's own move against him and hit a Belly To Back Suplex onto the announcer's table. Upon re-entering the ring, The Viper caught Keith and hit his signature Draping DDT.

Orton went for the RKO but Lee countered into a Spirit Bomb for the 1-2-3. Keith Lee just beat Randy Orton clean in the middle of the ring. The commentary team also put Lee over huge throughout the match. 

Rey Mysterio & Dominik Mysterio def. Seth Rollins & Murphy 

Dominik Mysterio tricked Murphy and Rollins as he initially started the match on the apron but charged at The Monday Night Messiah and Murphy. Dominik further frustrated Rollins as he got the better of the former Universal Champion in the early going. 

Dominik and Rey then dominated Murphy. Rey told Seth to, "Get your punk ass in here." The man who almost blinded him entered the ring and Rey connected with a Hurricanrana but Seth gained the upper hand with a Gutbuster. Seth tagged in Murphy and The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple worked together as Rollins slid Mysterio under the bottom rope straight into Murphy's knees. 

The despicable heels then worked over The Master Of The 619 for the next several minutes, taunting Dominik in the process. Rey made the hot tag to Dominik but Murphy and Rollins caught his dive from the top rope and countered with a Falcon Arrow. 

Rollins and Murphy proceeded to dominate the younger Mysterio over the next several minutes. Later, Seth tossed Dominik to the outside. Rollins tried to follow up but the official stopped him for some reason. With the referee's back turned, Murphy tried to sneakily attack but Dominik drilled the disciple's head into the barricade. Murphy looked legitimately hurt, but it may have just looked more vicious than it actually was. Dominik then knocked Seth out of the way and made the hot tag to his father.

Rey charged into the ring and hit Rollins with a Hurricanrana and tried to connect with the 619 but Seth ducked out of the way. Both Rollins and Rey exchanged momentum over the next two minutes and Murphy was put out of commission with a DDT from Dominik.

Later, Seth went for the Stomp but Rey avoided it. Rollins caught him with the Reverse Facebuster, but Dominik broke up the pin.

This greatly angered The Monday Night Messiah and he tossed Dominik into the barricade. Seth then taunted Rey as he called out for his son. Rollins told Murphy to kick Rey in the head but the disciple caught the Messiah square in the face. Rey then connected with a Hurricanrana on Murphy and Dominik Slingshotted his father into Rollins, who hit a Canadian Destroyer on Seth on the outside. This allowed Dominik to land a 619 on Murphy and follow up with a Frog Splash for the 1-2-3. 

Roman Reigns def. "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt & Braun Strowman to win the Universal Championship 

Throughout the show, backstage interviewers repeatedly asked Paul Heyman if Reigns had signed the contract. Heyman refused to give an answer. 

The Fiend was first to enter the ThunderDome and Strowman appeared from out of nowhere and hit him with a Running Powerslam. Wyatt powered out and hit Strowman with Sister Abigail for a two count. The Fiend followed up with a Uranage through the announcer's table. Wyatt collected his mallet but Strowman attacked him from behind. The Monster slammed Wyatt onto the steel steps moments later. 

Wyatt fought back into the match and hit Braun with the mallet. He then snapped Strowman's neck, sending The Monster plummetting to the floor. Once The Monster got back to his feet, Wyatt drilled him in the head with the steel steps while Alexa Bliss watched on backstage. The two Superstars made their way up the ramp and Bray again snapped his former protege's neck. 

Strowman smashed Wyatt into the LED screen. Bray then tried to hit Sister Abigail but Strowman sent them both crashing from the stage through a table. 

They made their way back into the ring soon after and Braun clearly had the upper hand. Strowman went to the top rope but The Fiend got to his feet and countered. Wyatt then climbed to the top rope and hit a Superplex. The move was so hellacious the ring exploded. Where on earth is Roman Reigns? 

Oh, here he is. After The Fiend and Strowman demolished each other, The Big Dog's music played and he signed the contract. He then made his way to the ring with a steel chair but a referee wasn't immediately available to count the pin. This gave Strowman and Wyatt enough time to recover and kick out. Roman followed up with a series of brutal chair shots to Strowman. Braun again kicked out, though. The Fiend tried to lock in the Mandible Claw on Reigns soon after, but Roman showed his new heelish persona and Low Blowed the champion to escape.

With The Fiend out of commission, Strowman staggered to his feet and Reigns speared him to win the Universal Championship. 

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WWE Payback 2020 Results

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